Meet the Needs

10 Strand 90° Belt Transfer

Designed to transfer various size products, this multi-strand belt transfer is over 6 feet long with strand centerlines ranging from 12" to 48".  Unit features 2" wide 3-ply poly #135 brown nitrile roughtop belting with recessed lacing and B-section V-guides molded in center of lower FS side of belt for tracking.  Transfer features pivot type lift and mounts into model 196LR belt driven live roller with 6" wide belting.  Optional blue powder paint and optional yellow powder paint on chain guards/covers shown.  Also, orange roller covering is 1/8" thick Kastalon, which protects product when conveyed on model 196LR.  Ref. No. 309560/309561.

  In a world of cookie cutter design Roach Conveyors works together with it’s customers and provides one of a kind conveying solutions. Ingenuity, imagination, dedication and thinking outside the box to provide the right conveyor for the right job is a point of pride for Roach Conveyors. As long as there are unique material handling problems, Roach will be there to Meet the Needs of their customers.