Meet the Needs : ARCHIVE




Sheet of plywood enters chain drag conveyor and is squared when it is fully conveyed into the stacker.  The chain drag conveyor--actually, a 2-strand chain transfer--is raised one step and a pneumatically actuated mechanism moves away from the existing stack of plywood, lowering it onto the last sheet.  The transfer then raises to the highest level, its second stage and discharges the entire stack OR the transfers drops one stage, the clamps move in to hold the stack and the transfer falls to its lowest stage where another individual sheet of plywood may enter the stacker.  Process repeats.
  In a world of cookie cutter design Roach Conveyors works together with it’s customers and provides one of a kind conveying solutions. Ingenuity, imagination, dedication and thinking outside the box to provide the right conveyor for the right job is a point of pride for Roach Conveyors. As long as there are unique material handling problems, Roach will be there to Meet the Needs of their customers.