Meet the Needs : ARCHIVE




This 2-strand chain drag zero pressure accumulation conveyor accumulates racks weighing up to 1500 pounds with NO back pressure.  Unit includes No. 2060 chain, 1-1/2HP drive @ 35FPM and (2) 6-ft. long accumulation zones (mechanical clutch).  Notice white powder paint and transition gravity rollers mounted outboard at infeed end.  Zones are photo eye controlled.  Unit is loaded from transfer cart and is unloaded by fork truck.  Ref. No. 277590.
  In a world of cookie cutter design Roach Conveyors works together with it’s customers and provides one of a kind conveying solutions. Ingenuity, imagination, dedication and thinking outside the box to provide the right conveyor for the right job is a point of pride for Roach Conveyors. As long as there are unique material handling problems, Roach will be there to Meet the Needs of their customers.