Meet the Needs : ARCHIVE

Multi Height Slat Conveyor




When contacted by a customer about building a special slat conveyor for a leading appliance manufacture, Roach Conveyors was determined to  “Meet the Needs” of a very unique material handling challenge. The result was a 243’ long, multi height slat conveyor designed to carry large appliances along an assembly line. With a chain pull of 6740 lbs the conveyor would move the appliances along at 16' per minute on rough textured finished slats.

The appliances would load onto the slat conveyor and travel for 70’ at a height of 36”. This gives a comfortable working position for technicians dealing with the bottom portions of the appliance. A decline for 16’ would then put the conveyor at a height of 15” and travel for 82’ while technicians work with the upper part of the appliance. 

The conveyor would then incline for 16’ to put the conveyor back to a height of 36” where it would move along for 46’ while more technicians worked on the appliance. Finally the conveyor declines for 9’ to a discharge height of 24”

  In a world of cookie cutter design Roach Conveyors works together with it’s customers and provides one of a kind conveying solutions. Ingenuity, imagination, dedication and thinking outside the box to provide the right conveyor for the right job is a point of pride for Roach Conveyors. As long as there are unique material handling problems, Roach will be there to Meet the Needs of their customers.