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  Sales and Customer Service  

If you are not an authorized Roach® distributor, you will be referred to a distributor in your area for pricing and availability information.

  Sales Manager  
  Inside Sales  
  Obie Bates  - ext. 1436  
  Chris Breaker   -  ext. 1435  
Jonathan Frye - ext. 1444  
  Allen Harness -  ext. 1437  
  Jason Stewart  -  ext. 454  
  Jim Stotts  -  ext. 1443  
  Customer Service  
  Chad Furnish    -  ext. 1446  
  Bonnie Winkles   -  ext. 1449  
  Brad Owen    -  ext. 1442  
  Click here to receive the name of an authorized Roach® distributor or call Roach® Manufacturing Corporation at 870-483-7631 for the name of an authorized Roach® distributor in your area.  
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