The feeder conveyor, EZE-WEIGH® No. 1, is loaded with upright bales from side.  An operator sends a signal to this conveyor to unload one bale of cotton.  A bale is singulated onto EZE-WEIGH® No. 2 automatically.
  The EZE-WEIGH® No. 2, a 4-strand chain conveyor with shocks, receives bales from the feeder.  The bale is "laid" onto this unit for horizontal conveying where it is tagged and conveyed onto the scale conveyor.  Four heavy duty shock absorbers cushion the fall of the bale.
  The scale conveyor, EZE-WEIGH® No. 3, is mounted on top of a scale.  The bale is indexed onto this conveyor, where it is weighed and held until operator records individual bale weight information.
  The manual sample cutter allows operator to remove and tag a sample from the bale.  When bale moves into position, an operator directs the cutter module to move into the bale.  The blade carriage is repositioned left or right to avoid sample cutter blades hitting metal bands when cutting the sample.  The cutter blade is driven down to cut sample from both sides of bale. The cutter assembly returns to original position and bale advances from the manual sample cutter.
  The in-line bagger and dual chain conveyors places bag on bales.  The 2-strand chain conveyor feeds bale to the bagger funnel.  A chain driven pusher or "ram" directs bale through bagger funnel assembly where a poly bag covers bale for protection in shipping and storage.  Another 2-strand chain conveyor powers bale onto the electric accumulator.
  EZE-WEIGH® No. 4, an inclined belt conveyor, may be used in applications not featuring a bagger assembly, to allow cut samples to be removed from the bale and tagged. This conveyor inclines bale into position for transfer to the No. 5 accumulator.
  The electric accumulator, EZE-WEIGH® No. 5, receives bales from bagger conveyor (or from EZE-WEIGH® No. 4, an inclined belt conveyor).  Bales tip over into upright position and are accumulated by the No. 5 unit.  A chain driven powered pusher arm moves several accumulated bales to provide clearance for another bale.