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    Roach Conveyors- Standard Conveyor Links

    Gravity Coveyor
    Gravity Conveyor
    24 HR Shipment Available*
    Belt Conveyor
    Belt Conveyor
    24 HR Shipment Available*

    Live Roller Conveyor
    Live Roller Conveyor
    24 HR Shipment Available*

    Chain Conveyors
    Chain Conveyor
    24 HR Shipment Available*

    Accumulation Conveyor
    Accumulation Conveyor
    24 HR Shipment Available*

    Line Shaft Conveyors
    Line Shaft Conveyor
    24 HR Shipment Available*

    Sortation Conveyors,
    Transfers, Diverters

    Flexible Conveyor
    Flexible Conveyors (pdf)

    *Many 24 Hour Models Available, Check Specific Model and Size

    Roach Pre-Engineered Conveyor and Material Handling Equipment

    Roach pre-engineered material handling equipment is available in a wide variety of lengths, widths, heights, roller centers, paint colors, materials, speeds, etc. Most of the pre-engineered line is available for 24 hour shipping. *Check Specific Conveyor or Equipment Model and Size for 24 Hour Availability!

    All of the Roach pre-engineered conveyor and material handling line can easily be adapted to special application needs. The basic unit has already been engineered and can often be shipped quickly. Contact Roach to find a capable distributor in your area!

    Roach Miscellaneous Conveyors and Equipment

    Roach miscellaneous equipment is pre-engineered conveyors and material handling equipment from Roach's General Product Catalog (GP 609). These products are not available for 24 hour shipping but are pre-engineered and ready for quick fabrication.

    Roach Specialty Conveyor and Material Handling Equipment

    Roach specialty equipment is custom designed equipment engineered to meet specific industry needs. Roach can build a wide variety of material handling equipment to meet many application requirements. Contact Roach to see if there is a solution to meet the need. Roach will also tackle material handling projects where there are no easy solutions.

    Flexible and Truck Loading Conveyors

    The Roach flexible and extendable truck loading units are part of the Roach pre-engineered product line. These are the units used by the nation's leading warehousing and shipping facilities.

    ROACH Conveyors : 808 Hwy 463 Trumann, Ar 72472
    Tel : 870-483-7631